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Globe Lookout

The Várdomb nature reserve is a popular hiking spot in winter and summer. The Globe Lookout located at the top is one of the symbols of Balatonboglár, which was presented at the 1958 world exhibition. Hikers have been able to enjoy the 360-degree view from the lookout for decades. 

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Chapel Hill

The Chapel hill is located a few minutes' walk from the Globe Lookout, which was also renewed in 2013 thanks to an investment affecting several parts of the city. 

Here we find the Red and Blue Chapels, which are surrounded by a beautiful park. The chapels host various exhibitions from spring to autumn.

Near the Blue Chapel, on the top of the hill, there are the ruins of the city's Árpád-era church. There is a nice view of Lake Balaton and the buttes opposite. The park also welcomes visitors in the evening, as it is beautiful when lit up.

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The Exaltation of the Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church was built in 1932 based on the plans of István Kotsists and dedicated to the memory of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. There is a wooden statue of Saint Stephen in front of it, and a statue of Pál Teleki stands in the park next to the church.

The new Lutheran church at the foot of Várdomb, not far from the Catholic church, was designed in 1999 by the YBL prize-winning architect Tamás Nagy.

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Bugaszeg brick gallery and ranch

The "farm" is a true adventure park for young and old alike. In the cozy and eclectically furnished 3-hectare area, horses, sheep, hens, ducks and piglets are a memorable experience for children.

Uncle Jani Csere's empire, the Republic of Bugaszeg, is a special place that is rare in the country. The castle-like building, built by the founder's own hands in around ten years, mostly of old "coat-of-arms" bricks, is a real curiosity.

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Bobsled track and adventure park

In Balatonboglár, the adventure park, the bobsled track and the Gömbkilátó are located next to each other on Várdomb, from which you can enjoy an excellent view of Lake Balaton. The park has a 580-meter-long bobsleigh track and a 4-kilometer rope course, where visitors can overcome obstacles of varying degrees of difficulty. Canopy Promenade

The official website of the Bobsled Track and Adventure Park

Canopy Promenade

In the summer of 2023, the new tourist attraction of Balatonboglár opened at the foot of Gömbkilátó, from which we can view Lake Balaton from a special perspective.

On the canopy walk, you can get to know the flora and fauna of the canopy level of the trees up close, but it is also worth looking in front of and below your feet, as a fabulous landscape spreads out below.

The half-kilometer-long promenade of the Balatonboglár canopy trail runs along the eastern and western ridges of the castle hill, in one part it stretches in the canopy of trees at a height of ten meters, and ends at a lookout point in the eastern part.

The adult ticket costs HUF 490, the discounted ticket (children and pensioners) costs HUF 450.

Visiting hours on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., on weekends from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Boglári Buborék Adventure Beach:

Balatonboglár's deservedly famous beach, the free Platán beach, offers beachgoers a sandy sports court, a basketball court, and children's playgrounds. In the ring of these, we find the Boglári Buborék (entrance fee is to be paid), which offers ideal relaxation for families with small children, with a stream-dam-spindle, a water playground, two giant slides, a jacuzzi and a children's pool.

The official website of Buborék from Boglár

Boat trip

If the weather is nice, you shouldn't miss a full-day trip to Révfülöp as part of a cozy boat tour.

Use the BAHART boat scheduleto plan your tour!

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