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Roman Catholic Church

It was designed by architect Bertalan Árkay. Interestingly, this is the only red stone church on the south coast. Its interior decoration, glass windows, the mosaic above the altar, and the paintings preserved here all represent an unparalleled artistic value. – already in place of the XI. century, there was a basilica erected in honor of St. Clement, where the relics of the martyred pope were kept. The remains of the walls of the old basilica were incorporated.

St. Donat Chapel

The baroque chapel dedicated in 1758 in honor of Saint Donatus, the patron saint of winegrowers, decorates Kishegy like a small jewel with its interior design and late baroque wooden altar. Perhaps it can be stated without exaggeration that this is the most beautiful monument chapel in Somogy County, the St. Donat Chapel in Kishegy, named after St. Donat "the lightning-wielder" (patron saint of grape growers). The integration of the tiny building into the landscape and its architectural design are both extraordinary. According to Tibor Koppány, it was built in 1757-58 by Julianna Sztranyay Tóti Lengyel on their family vineyard. However, according to Péter Tóth's study: "The Baroque chapel in Kishely is mentioned for the first time in the 1815 annual church visit report. According to this, it was built by Baron György Majtényi, but no one could answer when." The chapel had no property, but the landlord, Count Ferenc Széchenyi, provided it with everything it needed. Mass was held there twice a year: on the day of St. Donatus and St. George. Today, mass is held here only on Saint Donat's Day - during the wine week.

Ruined church in Rádpuszta

On the banks of the Tetves stream we find the XIII. The ruins of a late Romanesque church built in the 16th century. It has been excavated and preserved, as well as some old tombstones. Nowadays, it hosts cozy music concerts on summer evenings.


Sunshine beach and adventure pool:

The Sunshine beach and adventure pool is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the settlement. In 2008, a sandy beach section was created on the beach from sand dredged from the lake bed, which evokes a seaside atmosphere and became a paradise for families with small children already in the year it was finished. In addition, the adventure spa is located here, where three pools and a sauna house are currently operating.

The children's and adult fun pools also contain beautiful wellness elements covered with mosaic stone. They are equipped with a slide, a whirlpool, a neck shower, and a massage wall.

>>> The official website of the beach

Amusement park

The Balatonlelle Amusement Park, also known as the Empire of Adventures, has been operating since 1991, and it operates during the summer months. Over 20 games, 4 dodgems with 100 cars, family favorites Swan and Speedy Gonzales roller coaster, XXL Extreme and many other games await both young and old. The wristband system means unlimited game use during opening hours.

>>>Official website of the adventure park

Circus Balatonlelle

For years, the world-famous Hungarian National Circus has been making appearances at Balatonlelle during the summer.

The largest traveling circus in Central and Eastern Europe, with its 70-member troupe and 50 trained animals, has been waiting for the audience in its huge tent for years. After the performance, it is possible to see their animals.


>>> The program of the circus

Pedestrian street:

After relaxing on the beaches, it is worth visiting Balatonlelle's center with a Mediterranean atmosphere, Szent István square and the adjacent pedestrian street, where thousands of people gather in the evenings. The Moló promenade, lined with sycamore trees, starts from this square, along which you can walk all the way to the shore of Lake Balaton.

Africa Museum:

Count Somssich Pongrácz presents his collection of famous African hunting trophies. the Szalay Castle, which hosts the exhibition, was built in 1838 in a classicist style, flanked by an imposing portico with columns, and a tympanum decorated with the family's coat of arms.


The outstanding highland surface line of the Lelle border, stretching in a north-south direction, is the Gamási ridge belonging to the Külső-Somogyi hills. The highest point on the border of the settlement is the top of Kishegy, which reaches a height of 300 m above sea level in less than a few meters. An excellent grape-growing area, the ingredients for the famous Lelle wines are grown here.

Here you can also find the baroque chapel of St. Donat, opposite it, visitors can get food and drink in the tavern, which was the vinceller's house of the Jankovich family, and as an added bonus, they can enjoy the most beautiful panorama of the south coast. Another attraction of Kishegy is the park forest. Even in the heat of the day, the cool air refreshes you, and the silence makes you forget the rush of everyday life.


Open all year round near the Balaton beach:

Dear Bisztró kedvesembisztro.hu

Vitorlas Restaurant https://vitorlas-etterem.hu/

Seasonal at the port:

Sekli Restaurant in the port https://sekli.hu/

On Kishegy:

Hegyi Borterasz https://hegyiborterasz.hu/

Majthényi Présház Winery https://majthenyi.hu/

Pócz Winery https://poczpinceszet.hu/

Green Door House  https://www.facebook.com/azoldajtoshaz/

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